SINCE our 90's get together gatherings we realized that people with common grounds and shared experiences have a better understanding to one another. Belonging to the same group made us very comfortable to each other, even if we have just met. And seeing each others achievements made us very proud.

During the course of organizing the gatherings we started a good networking, and because of this networking, some of our graduates have found good job placements. Referring METU Graduates was an easy task since every member of our group knows and realizes how qualified and dependable a METU graduate is.

As everybody realizes NETWORKING, and BEING TOGETHER is one of the most important facts of being a successful and strong group. Living in a competitive age and society, everybody in one time on their life span may need help and support whether they are a new comer to Canada or they have been living here for a while. Also, many of us are in a position to offer guidance to others.

With the new millennium, and technology reaching our homes, we believe it is time to move to a different level of communication.

We hope you find our website useful, and easy to participate.

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If you need additional information please email: sz.lulec@mail.utoronto.ca, Mrs. S. Zeynep Lüleç. You can also reach through text message or WhatsApp (416) 829 6171.

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